Hawg Hawlers Bass Club of St. Louis, Missouri


1. How much is Hawg Hawlers membership?
The membership fee is $25.00 per year.
2. Is there a minimum age to be a member of the club?
There is no minimum age requirement to be a member of the Hawg Hawlers Bass Club.
3. How do I join Hawg Hawlers Bass Club?
Simply complete the Membership form and return the form with your $20.00 membership fee to the club Treasurer. (the address is on the form)
4. Do you take credit cards?
Hawg Hawlers does not accept credit cards.
5. How do I know you received my membership?
When the Treasurer receives your completed membership form and the membership fee, if applicable,  your name will be added to the current member listing.
6. How do I enter a tournament?
Simply print and fill out the Tournament Entry Form, and send it in with your entry fee ($60.00 per boat). Please be sure to list your partners name on the form.
7. Can I send in my tournament entry and membership form together?
Yes, the forms can be mailed together.
8. Can I fish alone and if so do I still owe $60?
Hawg Hawlers events are "Buddy" Tournaments with teams of not more than 2 anglers fishing from the same boat so yes, you can fish alone. The tournament fee would still be $60.00 per boat regardless, if there are one or two anglers registered for that boat.
9. What is the penalty for late entry?
The Treasurer must receive the tournament entry form and registration fee by 5:00 PM on the Wednesday preceding the tournament or an additional $10.00 late fee will be required prior to take off. The money will be retained in the club treasury, and not go toward the payout. In addition to the $10.00 late fee, teams that register after the deadline will be last in takeoff position for both tournament days and will not be eligible for tournament attendance prizes.
10. Will I lose my entry fee if for some reason I cannot make it to a tournament?
Tournament entry fees will be refunded if the Treasurer is notified by the Wednesday night deadline. Tournament fees will not be refunded within two days prior to the tournament start date. Unusual circumstances will be considered by the club officers. In the event that a tournament is cancelled, the tournament registration fee will be carried over to the next tournament or refunded to the team at their request.
11 Is Big Bass included in the $60 tournament entry fee?
Yes, Big Bass payout for each tournament day is included in the $60 per boat entry fee.
12. What is the side pot?
Hawg Hawlers has an optional $10.00 Big Bass Side Pot, half paid to the angler weighing in the heaviest bass of the tournament and half retained by the club to help cover the cost of our insurance. The optional Big Bass Side Pot can be paid at the lake or mailed in with your tournament registration and fee.
13. How is take off position determined?
On the Wednesday evening prior to the tournament, the Treasurer will perform a random drawing to determine the boat take off order. The two tournament director boats will be listed as the first boat in the take off order and the last boat in the take off order. The takeoff order is generally posted on the message board the Wednesday or Thursday night before the tournament.
14. What are the duties, and benefits of serving as a Tournament Director?
The Tournament Directors duties are to check livewells, issue boat numbers, direct the takeoff, check for life jacket and kill switch compliance and assist the officers as needed. The benefits are that you get 3 Angler of the Year points and you get to takeoff first on the day you are not Tournament Director.
15. What criteria are used to determine “safe-light” for take off?
"Safe Light" for takeoff is decided by the Officers and normally is determined by being able to distinguish details of the opposite shoreline of the take off location.
16. What conditions could cause a delay for the start of a tournament?
As determined by the club Officers, any unsafe condition can cause a delay in allowing the tournament to take off. This could be the presence of lightning, fog, high winds, heavy rain or other conditions. A delay could also be caused by heavy boat traffic from a nearby marina or another tournament that is taking off. The safety of our member's is of the utmost importance.
17. What conditions could cause the cancellation of a tournament?
As determined by the club Officers, the cancellation of a tournament will only happen when an unsafe condition exists and there is little or no chance for improvement in the conditions to allow sufficient time to complete a tournament.
18. Why is there no grace period for weigh in?
The Hawg Hawlers has never allowed a “grace period” for weigh-in. Frankly, it is too difficult to track late boats by the minute. Several years back we changed our tournament rules to state that the participants "boat number must be returned to the weigh in area prior to the designated weigh in time for the team to have their weight counted.” This allows anglers to turn in their boat numbers – on time – and then return to their boats to collect their fish for the weigh in. This procedure has worked out very well for the club.
19. What happens if there is a tie in tournament weight?
In the event of a TIE in tournament weight, the teams that are tied will split the prize money for all tied positions. (prize money for both places will be totaled and split between the tow teams) Both teams will receive the top points allotment for the tied position.
20. Where should I make a reservation and do you have the phone number?
On the Tournament Schedule page you will find a link to the Marina, Resort and Restaurant listings.
21. What is the Hawg Hawlers payout for a tournament?
Payout is based on the number of boats registered for each tournament, (late entries are not counted)
22. What are Angler of the Year Points?
The Hawg Hawlers Bass Club has adopted a point system to determine the best angler of each year.  The angler receiving the highest number of points for the current year will be designated the "Hawg Hawlers Angler of the Year".  Points are awarded for place, creel, attendance, big bass and serving as a tournament director.
23. How do I know how many points I have and what place I am in?
The Angler of the Year standings are listed under the "Results \ News" tab. Click on "Standings:"
24. What is the Awards Dinner and how much does it cost?
The Hawg Hawlers Awards Dinner is held each October to recognize member achievements, including Angler of the Year and Big Bass of the Year. The dinner is free to members that fish a minimum of two tournaments during the season. There is a charge for guests and members that fished fewer than two tournaments. The cost is normally around $10.00.
25. How do I keep up with club news? Do you have a newsletter?
In an effort to keep costs down, all Hawg Hawlers Bass Club communications regarding club business and newsletters is accomplished through web site or email. To get the latest news click on the "Results / News" tab. You can also find a lot of information and contact other members by checking our message board. In the event a member does not have access to either the web site or email, they can select the mailing option on the membership form and Hawg Hawlers will forward club business and newsletters to them via USPS at a cost of $7.50 per year. (submit the mailing fee with your membership form).
26. Do you have club meetings?
No, we do not have meetings. In the early days of the club we had meetings but we found that most members would rather attend tournaments and fish, rather than attend meetings. Meetings were cancelled in 1991.
27. How do you determine what lakes go on the tournament schedule?
At the first Officer meeting, dates are selected by looking at the upcoming calendar and avoiding Holidays, etc. Lakes and resorts are determined by suggestions, discounts that resorts offer, and (most important) past experiences with lakes and resorts. Take off times are determined by the scheduled sunrise and past experience.
28. How do I make a suggestion?
Anyone in the club can make a suggestion. You can go to the suggestion page or you can contact any of the Officers by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab. You can even use the message board. If you have a suggestion for a change to any of the club documents or procedures or even a totally new idea, please let us know. Your suggestion will be discussed and we will send you a response.
29. What are the criteria for becoming a club officer?
To be considered for the Office of president, a member must have served 1 full year in any other Officer position. All other Officer positions are open to any Hawg Hawler member. For more information on becoming an officer see the By-Laws.