Hawg Hawlers Bass Club of St. Louis, Missouri

Our History

The Hawg Hawlers Bass Club of St. Louis, Missouri was founded by Greg Heinz, Bob Treadway, Dan Durbin and Terry Stanek.  When it first started the club was know as the "Hussmann Bassmen", because Greg, Dan and Bob all worked for Hussmann Refrigeration.  

The first tournament was held July 17, 1988 at Mark Twain Lake with a total of four boats.  It was over 100 degrees and the only keeper was caught by Terry Stanek weighing just under two pounds.   

There were only two tournaments held the first year.  The second tournament was September 18, also at Mark Twain Lake. Again only four boats participated, and again only one keeper was caught.  This time it was caught by Greg Heinz, and it weighed 2.3 pounds.  We ended 1988 with 8 members.

In 1989 there was a full schedule of 7 tournaments, from May through October.  1989 also saw the name of the club changed to Hawg Hawlers (a Bob Treadway suggestion).  There were a total of 41 fish caught during the year.   

Terry Stanek, Dan Durbin, Bob Treadway, Greg Heinz