Hawg Hawlers Bass Club of St. Louis, Missouri

Hawg Hawlers Point System

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The Hawg Hawlers Bass Club has adopted a point system to determine the best angler of the year. The angler receiving the highest number of points for the current year, will be designated the Hawg Hawlers "Angler of the Year".

 Angler of the Year Points - Tie Breaker

If at the end of the tournament year, two or more anglers have the same point total, the tie will be broken by comparing the following categories, in order, until the tie is broken: Creel Points, Attendance Points, 1st Place Points, 2nd Place Points, etc.

 Place Points (as noted below)

Since it is more of an accomplishment to finish first in a tournament with more participants, a greater number of points should be awarded for winning a tournament with a larger number of boats. Therefore, the number of place points awarded in a tournament, will be determined by the number of places scheduled to be paid in that tournament. The schedule below will specify the number of points to be awarded, in accordance with the payout sheet. (note: Place points are awarded to each angler of the team, they DO NOT double if an angler is fishing alone). 

 Tournament - Tie Breaker:

If two or more teams should register the same weight for a tournament, and that weight would position those teams in a "money place", the teams that are tied, will receive ALL OF THE POINTS FOR THE HIGHEST POSITION TIED FOR. Note: they will split the total prize money for the tied positions.

 Creel Points (3 points per fish)

Each angler will receive 3 points for each legal fish weighed-in, to a maximum of 15 points (5 fish) per day. 

 Short Fish Point Penalty (3 points per fish)  

Any angler that presents a fish at weigh in, that is determined to be shorter than the minimum legal length for that lake, will be assessed a penalty of 3 points against their Angler of the Year points total. This penalty will be in addition to the 2 pound penalty for the tournament. These penalties will be assessed for each short fish presented. A Courtesy Bump Board will be available for use by club members at all club tournaments. All participants are encouraged to verify that their fish are of legal length prior to presenting them to the weigh in team. 




 Attendance Points (3 points per tournament)

Each angler will be awarded three points for each Hawg Hawlers club tournament in which they are a registered participant. (Qualifications: being present at a minimum of one pre-tournament meeting, with boat in the water). 


 BIG Bass Points (5 points for big bass of weekend, 4 points for other day big bass)

Since the Big Bass competition is separate from the tournament competition, dead fish tournament penalties WILL NOT be considered in the weight of fish for Big Bass. The angler weighing in the heaviest bass, by weight, for each day of the tournament (regardless of penalties), will be awarded 4 Big Bass points, in addition to the creel point for the fish. The Big Bass of the weekend will receive 1 additional point, for a total of 5 points. In the case of one-day tournaments, 5 points will be awarded for Big Bass. 




 Tournament Director Points

Due to the duties required, an angler fishing alone may NOT serve as Tournament Director. Anglers must sign up and compete as a team (1 boat), to qualify for Tournament Director Points. The first time an angler serves as a Tournament Director at a scheduled Hawg Hawlers Tournament he/she will be awarded three points. Each additional tournament he\she serves as a tournament director he\she will receive 1 point. There is no restriction as to how many times a person can serve as a TD. To be eligible to receive points for serving as tournament director, the anglers must perform the following duties:

  1) Pre-tournament:
            a. Conduct livewell checks (starting 30 minutes prior to take off).           
            b. Distribute boat numbers.           
            c. Assist club officers as needed.
 2) Take off:          
            a. Direct the take off.           
            b. Check for life jackets and kill switch compliance.
 3) Weigh in:
           a. Assist club Officers as needed.